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Wagyu Tenderloin

Jack’s Creek Cattle Co. Full Blood Wagyu Tenderloin BMS 6-7
Each box of Beef contains:
Whole Tenderloin chain and silverskin removed.
Full muscle, cut your own.
Average weight: 6lbs

Beer Bratwurst

1lb Package
-Each 1 lb. package contains 4 brats 
-Locally processed by WA Bean and Sons Meat Co.

Grass Fed Ground Beef


1.00 lb Bags of Maine Raised Grass Fed Ground Beef. 

This Maine raised local grass fed ground beef is also USDA processed right here in Northern Maine! This ground chuck makes delicious hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf and tacos! You’ll notice this lean ground beef has a very dense, heavy meaty flavor and it doesn’t shrink up when cooking! So you have better flavor and more left to enjoy on your plate! (80/20)

Rainbow Farms Whole Chicken

Rainbow Farms Whole Chicken
Maine pastured raised, non-GMO grain fed whole chicken. Add a beautiful, tasty chicken from Stockton Springs at Rainbow Farm to your Blaze Meat Co. order. Perfect for your winter soups or roasting in a cast iron pan in the oven. Average weight is 4.95 lbs – ranging from 3-6lbs.
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Sirloin Tip Steak

F1 Wagyu x Black Angus Sirloin Tip Steak
22oz average weight /steak – Individually cryovaced